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Psalms 126:4-5 (GNT) 4Lord, make us prosperous again,[b] just as the rain brings water back to dry riverbeds.5 Let those who wept as they planted their crops,gather the harvest with joy!


Living on the homestead with 35 acres, open land covered with Hale Koa trees, grass and  basically red dirt is surely country. And as the seasons move from winter, spring, summer and fall it is quite noticeable seeing the growth and greenery of trees and grass transition to  a skeletal-state, brown-gray-moisture-starved-grass, dusty and arid condition.

So as I read today's scripture I can surely relate to see how the rains can  revive an environment, make it "prosperous again".  And sometimes our spirit may experience the same thing when we have drifted apart from God.  We may fill dry, arid, barren and thirsty.  For there is only one source that can make us prosperous again and that is through Jesus Christ....the "living" water.


As I continue to sow into God's word, sow into His will for my ife, sow into a closer relationship with Him, sow into my time of devotions and prayer, God is faithful.  He is the one that will quench my thirst for living, He is the one that will restore what was broken or taken away from me, He is the one that will give me joy, peace and an unconditional love beyond description.  He is the one that will bring the rains back to my dry river bed.


Lord you are so faithful...You are the one that can refresh me, restore me, replenish me and make me prosper.  Help me to continue in sowing Your seeds of faith, hope and love into this world that I live in.  Lord I pray that your "rains" would fall upon your people that call upon your name in their time of need. You are awesome in this place Mighty God...You are awesome in this place Abba Father....You are worthy of all praise in Jesus name...Amen

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