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Scripture:  Psalms 51:10 (Amp)  Create in me a clean heart, O God,  And renew a right and steadfast spirit within me.

Observation:  The scripture starts off with create in me...having the idea of something is not right with our heart and that the Lord needs to do his mighty work within us to make it right.  It then moves to "renew a right and steadfast spirit within me"...carrying the idea of making new again.

Application:  There is something it today's scripture that breathes the word "fresh" into my spirit.  When something in you doesn't feel right there is a strong burden in you to find a way to make it right.  It is a nagging, gnawing kind of feeling that almost irritates you.  And today's scripture is David's cry for the Lord to redo/create in him a clean heart....he recognizes that it is "dirty".  We may feel like our lives are cluttered, dirty and carries a strong stench of what the world flings at us.  The problem there is that we're not ducking  or moving out of the way...we just stand there and do nothing.  God is offering us to start anew, afresh and restored with Him through Jesus Christ....our role is to simply receive this free gift and be refreshed.

Prayer:  Lord I believe the creating of a new heart is daily.   I thank you that you help me recognize that and help me each and every step of the way. Lord the times when problems and situations seem me me to be me to be me to simply stand.  Lord I yield to your Jesus Name...Amene

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