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Pastor Cameron Hiro
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Scripture:  1 Corinthians 10: 23-24 (NIV)23 “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive. 24 No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.

Observation:  Here the Apostle Paul is telling the Corinthians that as believers they may have the right  to do anything but to be cautious for it may not be beneficial or constructive. To be cautious that what they do as they serve the Lord is not stumbling to others.  He is saying to think of others before you do anything. To look out for the good of others first.  It kind of goes with the two greatest commandments in which it states to "love God  and love others".  

Application:   The Coronavirus continues to be at the forefront of the daily and almost hourly news.  This is a time when we as Christians are being tested.  We are tested in how we treat each other as God's people. Hoarding in the stores or looking out for only one's own interest goes contrary to God's word.  God's word tells us to be kind, to be looking out for the good of others, it tells us to encourage one another and be at peace with each other.  Galatians 6:10 (NLT) tells us:  "10 Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith."  We may have the freedom to do alot of things thinking that we have "the right", but God's word tells us to think of others.

Prayer:  Lord thank you for this reminder for there are many who need an extended hand of kindness and goodness.  Help me to draw closer to you during this time of 'staying at home" because of the Coronavirus situation.  We may be locked down in our homes but we are free in you.  We are free to worship, free to pray, free to encourage, free to love, free to extend mercy and compassion just as you've done for us, especially love.  To you be the Jesus Name...Amen!


"Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!"

Pastor Cameron Hiro, Heart of Aloha Church

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