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Scripture: 2nd Samuel 21: 22 (NLT) 22 These four Philistines were descendants of the giants of Gath, but David and his warriors killed them.

Observation:  I was intrigued in today's reading to know that there were other giants that David encountered besides Goliath.  It would seem that these 4 giants were from the same place Goliath was from, Gath, and one of them was also his brother, Elhanan.  The four giants  in the scriptures were Ishbi-benob (vs 16), Saph, (vs.18-), Elhanan (vs 19) and the last one was unamed but had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. How interesting...

Application: It seems David had a very busy life fighting alot of battles. It is no wonder at times he got weary. Verse 15 tells us:  "15 Once again the Philistines were at war with Israel. And when David and his men were in the thick of battle, David became weak and exhausted."

There will also be times in our lives when it seems we are facing battles after battles (or wave after wave) and find it difficult to come up for air, even drained and exhausted. These are the times we cling tightly to God and seek his promises that he will never leave us, that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, that he will not allow us to take on more than we can handle and to know that we are one body in Christ supporting each other, looking out for each other (having each other's backs), praying for one another and helping one another.  The bottom line is that we will not be able to fight the so called "Giants" in our lives on our own.....we need God...and we need each other.

Prayer:  Lord, when my life seems so overwhelming with "Giants of the Land" including Financial Debt Giants, Emotional Trauma Giants, Broken Relationship Giants, Physical Illness Giants, Mental Anxiety Giants and others, help me to know that without you I will not be able to overcome them. Forgive me for my pride in not wanting you or others to help me too. Thank you that you equip us with all we need if we only put on our armor and use it well. The helmet of salvation, the  breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the gospel shoes of peace, the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit.(Ephesians 6:10-18.) Thank you for loving Jesus name...Amen


"Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!"

Pastor Cameron Hiro, Heart of Aloha Church

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