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28'For in him we live and move and have our being.' .....

(NIV) Acts 17:28



When we really take the time to think about it, the life we've been given, the breath we breathe each day is because of God. In God we live...In God we God we have our being, we have the ability to experience the life of godly living.  We have all of that because of God.



Although the scripture above is an absolute truth, many times man has strayed away from this truth. From the very beginning the enemy (Satan) has made man question if this is true, even from the time of Adam and Eve.

But I know, without a shadow of doubt, by faith, that God's Word is true.  And knowing this brings about a joy, peace and heart filled with gratitude beyond words.

As a familiar song says---"Because He lives I can face tomorrow, Because He lives all fear is gone"!



Lord, I believe there are still many more people on this Island that really don't know about You and the love you've shown us through your son Jesus Christ.  Yes there are many religions here---but not very many relationships with You.  Lord I pray that just as Paul was surrounded with idols in Athens that the people worshiped, he still got to share about Jesus.....may it also  be that way here on Molokai.  The idols may not be a physical idol....but there are many that are facing other idols such as drugs, alcohol, work, lustful desires of the flesh, etc. 

Lord, help us to keep the faith and keep pressing in even more.....let us not become weary but find strength in You! Jesus Name  Amen...

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