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15 All the troops with Joab came and besieged Sheba in Abel Beth Maacah. They built a siege ramp up to the city, and it stood against the outer fortifications. While they were battering the wall to bring it down, 16 a wise woman called from the city, "Listen! Listen! Tell Joab to come here so I can speak to him." 17 He went toward her, and she asked, "Are you Joab?"

"I am," he answered.

She said, "Listen to what your servant has to say."

"I'm listening," he said.

(NIV) 2nd Samuel 20:15-17



In Joab's efforts to capture a man named "Sheba", he found himself attacking a city that really had no reputation or part with Sheba.  In fact this city Abel Beth Maacah seem to be known for their "WISDOM, PEACE, AND FAITH"

verse 18-19: ..."Long ago they used to say, 'Get your answer at Abel,' and that settled it. 19 We are the peaceful and faithful in Israel....

The scriptures don't give us a name of this so called "wise woman", but it does tell us that she convinced the people in the city to turn this man Sheba over to Joab.  In fact, she tells Joab that she will cut off Sheba's head and throw it over the wall for him. vs 22: Then the woman went to all the people with her wise advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bicri and threw it to Joab.


There is something about this story that captured my attention.  Here this city of "Abel" is known for their wisdom, peace and faithfulness in Israel. And all of a sudden they find themselves being attacked because there is a man who is a troublemaker  that enters the walls of their city, and he is aggressively being pursued.

Sounds like a life of a Christian to me.  As a Christian, we try to make wise decisions in the Lord, praying for peace and faithfulness in our lives.  But all of a sudden we get caught with a "troublemaker" in a form of challenges we face in our lives,  that somehow infiltrate our walls.  And how do we respond?  We respond in Trusting in God, we respond in looking to God's Word for guidance and answers, we respond in Prayer, we respond in the wisdom of God's Holy Spirit that reveal truth, we respond in standing firm IN WISDOM, PEACE AND FAITH!  So that we too may cut off this "troublemaker's" head and toss it over the wall!



Lord it seems Wisdom, Peace and Faith is what prevailed in this story. I pray that you would help all of us as Christians to rely on these principles in our walk with You! And that we would not be taken back on whatever comes "over the walls" because we have You on our side.  You said you would never leave us nor forsake Jesus Name....Amen.


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