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Topic:  Faith


Scripture:  26 Just as the body is dead without breath,[i] so also faith is dead without good works. (NLT) James 2:1


Observation:  Many of us one time or another has witnessed a dead body at a funeral or similar.  And as we pay our respects to the family and spend those few moments next to the casket with our loved one that has departed the scriptures prove oh so true; there is no life in the body where no breath is present.  The body of our loved one might have all the "outer" features that we are familiar with but the fact of the matter is, he/she is simply dead. There is no color of life in the face except just make-up, there is no rising of the chest signifying breath, there is no warmth of the skin signifying from a beating heart, there is nothing.  It is the same with our faith, without action it is simply dead.


Application:  When all is said and done, when the rubber meets the road, no matter how you cut it:  our faith is dead without works!  We can claim to have it, we can claim to know about it, we can quote scriptures to read about it, but if we are not putting it into action it is dead as a door nail.  As a Christian I am required to put my faith into action, to step forward in displaying and living out God's purposes for my life.  Faith does not stand around, nor sit on the fence, or found in the bleachers watching the world go by.  I am constantly reminded that I have "one shot" to go around on this earth and with all that is indicated in today's scripture--I'd better get busy, serious in going about God's business and get off my butt (so to speak).


Prayer:  Lord today you spoke to me in my spirit about reaching the next generation, to pass on the baton and to teach them all that I have experienced and lived through, to help them to be gatekeepers and alert on the watchtower for the generation after them too. I realize that they will continue to carry on the torch of Your Gospel to the nations.  Therefore I pray that in the next several days and weeks to come that you would clarify that path for me.

I also pray for Taba Nuuanu and the family for the loss of their brother--I pray for peace and comfort during this time.....  Strength and wellness for our mom this day.....  continued protection and safety over Emy Alvarez and the mission team in Philippines.....and unity and love for our families here on the Islands and Jesus Name Amen...

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