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Capt Clay Ching
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Scripture  2 Corinthians 10:17 But he who glories, let him glory in the Lord. For not he who who commends himslef is approved, but whom the Lord commends.


Observation  Today was a good example of this scripture as I went fishing and caught a huge fish. At first, you want to take the credit but after realizing all the logistics required to accomplish pulling in a fish over 300 lbs, you realize that it was  truly a "God fish". Everything went perfect, like a textbook capture of a behemoth of the sea.


Application    I remember the days when I would want all the recognition for a feat of this magnitude, but its very humbling knowing that anything could have gone wrong to lose this huge fish. I remember thinking, "Lord, you put this fish on the hook, I need your help to land it as well". To think that one tiny hook could land such a fish was mindblowing, then gazing upon the beauty of this majestic fish, makes you realize that you have a connection with the One who created this to begin with. As the scripture says,"Whom the Lord commends". I surely felt commended today and humbled as well, knowing that the Lord allowed me to land this fish to share with the brethren.


Prayer  Lord thank you for your favor today and for allowing me to share your blessing with others. It was truly a joy to "freely  receive, and freely  give. Mahalo Lord for a stupendous day at sea, truly, unto you be the glory, amen.

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Pastor Cameron Hiro
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Thank you  Clay for sharing the bounty of the Lord with your catch.

Fresh poke was on the dinner menu lastnight. (for both the ahi and the marlin---mmmmmm.)

Yes, our God is truly awesome, wonderful, magnificent, glorious, and majestic in all His Ways....And I believe sometimes the overwhelming feeling we get in our spirit has "no words" in the human mind to speak of when it comes to God's Love for us.

I am so proud of you as a brother to be gifted and talented in where you are  and especially in giving Honor to God because of that......

Blessings my brother..................Cameron

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