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Topic:  Faith and Trust


Scripture:  17 “What is mankind that you make so much of them, that you give them so much attention, 18 that you examine them every morning and test them every moment? (NIV) Job 7:17-18


Observation:  For a man suffering so much, Job was definitely not short on words, thoughts and things to say.  He probably covered all the why's, what, who, when , where and how questions.  He was not a happy sounded like he wanted to just die.  What struck me is that he was honest.   You see God knows our heart to begin with, in fact the scripture today tells us that he gives us "much attention".  I am actually glad He does, for there are times when I really need Him and it is great to know He is paying attention to me.  Do I like the disciplines, the tests, the challenges of life?  Not really, but I am so glad He is always there.


Application:  The test Job was going through was difficult, uncomfortable, painful, emotionally draining, depressing, frustrating and even suicidal in thought, what didn't help were his friends attempting to counsel him too.  But here's what I gather---even while Job was complaining  and moaning about his situation, I believe deep inside he still had Faith in God and Trusted Him.  It may have been difficult telling by the way Job was speaking but through experience one knows that when we are suffering physically it tends to bring the mind down right along with it.  Faith and Trust goes beyond words.


Prayer:  Lord I thank you that through Job's example you are still Faithful.  Help me to go beyond my circumstance and situation and focus on Your plans and purposes for my life.  Lord I want to do great things for you while on Jesus Name...Amen.

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