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Pastor Cameron Hiro
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Scripture:  Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. (Proverbs 21:21 NIV)

Observation:  it's interesting that this passage pairs up the two words"righteousness and love" as if to say they're inseparable. It really boils down to motives of the heart. For I can do the right thing but if I don't have love the bible tells me it's like a clanging symbol, noisy gong and profits me nothing. On the otherhand if I pursue righteousness and love; life,prosperity and honor is what I will reap.

Application: Life,prosperity and honor..what an incredible combination of gems to find. I wonder how often when we read these scriptures and don't give it enough justice in truly believing it. Sometimes even dismissing it as just another wise saying, but it isn't! It is God-breathed, God-inspired; it is as if God spoke it himself. Passages like this requires us to pause more than just a moment and really meditate upon it. Why? Because it can be life-changing when we start to implement it in our lives. Pursuing righteousness is something I want to do because of my Love for God...and not because I have to....for God is love.

Prayer: Lord I thank you that you allow me the time to sit at your feet and hear you speak through your word. It tells me a little more about you and what is important in your eyes.  I pray for your help in pursuing righteousness and love in all aspects of my life that I may represent you well here on earth and bring glory to your holy name.  Increase the realm of my love for you and others.  Let it not just be in thoughts but be carried out in deeds Jesus  Name amen.

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