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Scripture: 11 Then Elisha stared at him with a horrified look on his face until Hazael became ill at ease. Suddenly Elisha burst into tears.12 Why are you crying, sir? Hazael asked. Because I know the horrible things you will do against the people of Israel, Elisha answered. You will set their fortresses on fire, slaughter their finest young men, batter their children to death, and rip open their pregnant women. 2 Kings 8:11-12 (GNT)

Observation: Elisha the prophet had many revelations from God and the above scripture is one that brought him to a state of bursting in tears. I'm sure it wasn't easy at times from Elisha's perspective to see what would happen in the future, especially when things were evil. I guess that's what caught my attention, just hearing about the "evil" that was displayed back then; battering children to death? ripping open pregnant women? OUCH! In fact, Hazael also smothered his King with a soaked blanket as mentioned in verse 15--15 But on the following day Hazael took a blanket, soaked it in water, and smothered the king.

As you read about the Kings in the Bible it was such a common occurence how a lot of them did "evil" in the eyes of the Lord. Most often taking on the same type of evil as displayed by the King before them and sometimes doing even worse.

Application: Turning on the 6 o clock news has no shortage in letting us know the "evil" that is happening in our world. Battering of children? It still happens today. In fact it was just on the news not more than a month ago. As Christians we may not be able to control the "evil" that happens around us, but we can sure control the "love" that we can extend to others and those we come into contact from day to day. Showing love sometimes doesn't come easy but is a purposeful act that is intentional. At times we even have to practice it out. 1st John 3:18 best states this: Dear children, let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.

Prayer: Dear Lord although there is much "evil" that surrounds me, teach me your holy ways and how to love like you do. May my thoughts and actions line up with your Word Jesus Name...Amen.

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