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Pastor Cameron Hiro
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Luke 1:37 (NIV) "For no word from God will ever fail.”

Observation: spirit jumped when I read this passage. For there are many things in our lives here on earth that may fail.  Things we don't have control over at our workplaces, in our community, in our relationships, in circumstances and situations that catch us off guard in our day to day lives.  But  no word from God will ever fail...EVER!


How many of us can give that guarantee?  None...only God.  Our God deals in the realm of the impossible...When one takes a look at the 6 O Clock news, there are tons of areas in our world that fail. Such as our government system, some of our laws, and most recently what comes to mind is the push to legalize same sex marriage here in Hawaii.  As we press forward in this world one can only surmise that the best path and route is with God.  The further we move  into the "End Times" the tighter we should be grabbing on to God's Word....Oh Lord help us all to stay on the right track.!


Lord I may not understand all that is going on in my community, Island, State, Nation or globally in the World...but you do.  And I wll continue to trust in you for the direction of my life and family.  Forgive me Lord when I take you off the throne and put myself there...Help me to get better in hearing your still small Jesus Name...Amen.

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